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Oxygen The Little Known Healer

Dr. David Curthbertson, Dr. Freda Feng & Glen Gillard NT Dip.(gov.accred)

The Little-Known Healer
OXYGEN  Vital for Life      
“Singlet” Oxygen   
Oxygen Starvation     
The following factors rob oxygen from our bodies:
Activity of Oxygen in the Body   
Defender and Destroyer  
The Cause and Prevention of Cancer
Breakdown of the Immune System      
My Experience with Oxyrich 
Some observations :    
Other Uses of Oxyrich  
Recommended dosage
What is Oxyrich?
About Oxygen Levels
Frequently Asked Questions
Oxyrich in Sports   


The Little-Known Healer

Oxygen, in various forms, has been used successfully in human health for over a hundred years but this is not widely known because, as a natural product, oxygen cannot be patented. Thus it is not financially feasible for a company to market and advertise something over which it has no sole marketing rights.

●Even though much scientific work has been carried out on the value of oxygen for human health and it has all been recorded in the medical literature it has been neglected because of its low market value.

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Vital for Life

●Oxygen is about the most vital element required for human life and adequate intake is a key to good health. We can survive without water for a week and go without food for a month, but we can only live a few minutes without oxygen.

●Oxygen is the life-giving, life-sustaining element. All body activities require oxygen. Through oxidation, the body generates heat and energy from its fuel, and disposes of wastes and microbes. Our bodies are two- thirds water. Since the water in our bodies is itself 8/9 oxygen by weight, we are therefore composed of over 50% oxygen.

●The best way to optimise health is to oxygenate every cell in our body. The more oxygen we have in our system, the more energy we produce, and the more efficiently we can eliminate wastes. Good health is dependent on the production, maintenance and flow of energy, which is produced by the oxidation of sugar.

●Oxidation is central to metabolism, circulation, respiration, digestion, assimilation and elimination. Oxygen purifies the blood, keeping it free of cellular waste buildup. Sufficient oxygen allows the body to rebuild itself and maintain the immune system. Healthy cells require sugar, amino acids, minerals, hormones, enzymes and oxygen.

Dr. Donsbach Explains (6min)

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“Singlet” Oxygen

●the atmosphere oxygen is normally present as oxygen molecules which are two oxygen atoms united together (O2). If this molecule is split it becomes two single oxygen atoms that we call singlet oxygen (O1) that attacks free radicals and microbes. When the diatomic oxygen in Oxyrich is absorbed into the bloodstream, enzymes break it down into singlet oxygen. (O1)

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Oxygen Starvation

◆Oxygen deficiency or oxygen starvation can be the single greatest
cause of disease. An amazing statement was included in the research by Dr. Arthur C. Guyton, M.D. in his medical text The Textbook of Medical Physiology. He wrote, “all chronic pain, suffering and diseases are caused from a lack of oxygen at the cell level”. Arthur C. GuytonThe Textbook Of Medical Physiology
◆(I read this several years ago but thought it too good to be true. Having seen the effects of increased oxygen in people and animals over the years I see no reason to disagree with this statement. D.C) Our bodies are now experiencing oxygen starvation on a daily basis.

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The following factors rob oxygen from our bodies:

Toxic stressWhether derived from the water we drink, the air we breath or the food we eat, we are now subject to over 70,000 different toxic contaminates, many that did not exist a decade ago. Some of these toxins deplete oxygen availability to body cells predisposing them to become cancer cells (see section on cancer). Oxygen is required for the body to even attempt to metabolise and eliminate these lethal chemicals from the body.

Emotional stress The body creates adrenalins and related hormones during emotionally stressful times (like every day, for many of us). The body must use its available oxygen to metabolise those chemicals back out of the body to reestablish metabolic balance. Emotional stress also leads to poor breathing habits so less oxygen is taken in.

Physical trauma and infectionsBacteria and viruses can put tremendous stress on the body’s immune system. When this occurs, the immune system is robbed of the oxygen that is necessary for the body’s normal metabolic function.

Reduction in available atmospheric oxygenStudies reveal that increased environmental pollution and green plant destruction have reduced the amount of oxygen (by as much as 50%) in our atmosphere over the last 200 years.

oxygen supplementIncrease in Automobile Carbon Monoxide Haemoglobin in the blood normally carries oxygen around the body. Carbon monoxide has a 200 times greater affinity for haemoglobin than the oxygen we breathe - it locks up the haemoglobin and prevents it carrying oxygen. Singlet oxygen removes this carbon monoxide from haemoglobin and frees it to carry more oxygen to the cells where it is needed.

Improper Food:Modern diets do not contain the oxygen of food of bygone years and even require more oxygen to process them.

Lack of Exercise:Exercising increases the body’s metabolic rate as well as the intake of oxygen to help cleanse the body of built up toxins. A sedentary lifestyle reduces the body’s ability to process out toxic contaminates and to perform normal metabolic functions.
We can help overcome the above problems by supplementing our diet with oxygen supplements that provide the very effective, active singlet oxygen (O1).

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Activity of Oxygen in the Body

●When there is insufficient oxygen to support the health of a cell it turns to another source of energy, usually sugar fermentation. (see section on cancer). This is an undesirable source of energy, which upsets the metabolism of the cell. It causes the cell to start manufacturing improper chemicals, and soon a whole group of cells is unhealthy and weak. They lose their natural immune ability and this opens the doors to the invasion of viruses, for a virus can only develop within a cell. Thus development of a shortage of oxygen in the blood could very well be the starting point for the loss of the immune system and the beginning of many health problems.

●When a cell is not receiving enough oxygen, it begins to ferment sugar and produce lactic acid. This lactic acid accumulates in the tissues and causes many problems such as fatigue, sore muscles and acidosis.

●The object of respiration is to bring atmospheric oxygen into close relationship with the haemoglobin of the blood and permit the interchange of oxygen with carbon dioxide, thus eliminating this end product of oxidation along with other products in minute quantities. In the process of respiration, waste products are exposed to the action of oxygen and they are “burnt up”, producing body heat. In the living organism, heat is continually being generated through the chemical action of oxygen upon carbon substances (e.g. sugars).

●When there is an insufficient amount of oxygen in the blood, carbon is incompletely burned, and carbon monoxide is produced which is not readily eliminated. Through its poisonous influence, the system becomes debilitated or “run down.” Carbon monoxide is an irritant to the nervous system, it attaches to the haemoglobin in red blood cells and prevents them carrying oxygen and it interferes with organ functions.

●The body temperature is reduced below normal, which renders the system incapable of resisting the influence of various bacteria, viruses and yeast. Disease is the result.

●Low levels of oxygen increase the clumping of red blood cells reducing their ability to pick up oxygen in the lungs. Singlet oxygen (O1) reduces this clumping and increases the flexibility of the red cells, which is crucial to microcirculation through fine capillaries.

Dr. C. Samuel West, a specialist in the science of lymphology and a distinguished member of the International Society of Lymphology, has proven that food present in cells without enough oxygen will turn into toxic waste and fat. The less oxygen present in the cells, the more pain we experience.

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Defender and Destroyer

◆‘Oxygen is both a life giver and a “killer”. It is one of the body’s primary guardians and protectors against unfriendly bacteria and other disease organisms. In fact, one of oxygen’s major functions
is disintegration. Harmful anaerobic bacteria and viruses cannot survive in the presence of oxygen. But oxygen is also naturally selective in what it kills. Unlike drugs and antibiotics which may and usually kill all bacteria in the body, oxygen kills only harmful bacteria while allowing beneficial bacteria to thrive, thus ensuring good health.

◆Science has yet to discover an anaerobic disease, infectious or putrefying bacteria that singlet oxygen does not kill. Stabilised oxygen is the only non-toxic, virtually tasteless product known that will kill these harmful bacteria in a person’s body without killing the beneficial bacteria.

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The Cause and Prevention of Cancer
◆The link between cancer and insufficient oxygen has been firmly established. The German biochemist, Dr. Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1931 for discovering the cause of cancer. He said, “Cancer has only one prime cause. The prime cause of cancer is the replacement of normal oxygen respiration of body cells by an anaerobic (oxygen-less) cell respiration” Body cells “burn” oxygen and sugar to produce energy.

◆Once the level of oxygen available to a cell drops below 40% of normal, the cell is forced to switch to an inferior method of energy production - anaerobic fermentation of sugar - producing carbon monoxide and lactic acid, and only 1/6 of the energy of normal cellular aerobic oxidation. The cell can never be returned to the proper oxidation system. It loses its governor on growth and wildly begins to produce copies of itself, a condition we call cancer.

◆This oxygen deficiency can be caused by many factors. There could be low levels of oxygen available to the body or some poison may reach the cell and prevent oxygen uptake, or the excretory duct of a gland may become plugged up, as in breast cancer being caused by lymph gland plugging. But the end result is the same. As soon as the oxygen level to the cell is reduced, if the cell does not die, cancer will result. Frequent small doses of respiratory poisons are therefore more dangerous than a single large dose, where there is the chance that the cells will be killed rather than become cancerous.

◆Dr Warburg pointed out that any substance that deprived a cell of oxygen was a carcinogen, if the cell was not killed outright. He stated in 1966 that it was useless to search for new carcinogens, because the result of each one was the same, cellular deprivation of oxygen.

◆He further stated that the incessant search for new carcinogens was counterproductive because it obscured the prime cause, lack of oxygen, and prevented appropriate treatment.
Cells forced to produce energy by fermentation (cancer cells) due to low levels of oxygen lack the ability to produce the enzyme coating that protects healthy cells from being destroyed by oxygen.

◆Dr Warburg’s research also showed that cancer cells cannot proliferate at all in an oxygen rich environment. The National Cancer Institute endorsed Dr. Warburg’s findings in 1952. Dr. Harry Goldbatt, who published his findings in the Journal of Experimental Medicine in 1953, continued this research. His research confirmed that lack of oxygen plays the major role in causing cells to become cancerous.

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Breakdown of the Immune System

●Dr Stephen Levine, a well respected molecular biologist and geneticist and Dr. M. Kidd completed research that confirmed that oxygen is the source of life to all cells. The constant abuse we subject our bodies because of our eating and drinking habits, as well as a lack of exercise, robs precious oxygen from our bodies. Pollutants and toxic preservatives in our water, food and the air we breathe further complicate this situation.

●Dr. Kidd wrote: “Oxygen plays a pivotal role in the proper functioning of the immune system.” especially as it relates to the system’s resistance to disease, bacteria, and viruses. Dr. Levine added: We can  look at oxygen deficiency as the single great cause of all diseases. It is believed, and supported by a great deal of research, that a shortage of oxygen in the blood could very well be the starting point for the breakdown of the immune system.

●Dr. Warburg’s research adds further emphasis to these findings. He stated that sub-optimal oxygenation of tissues and cells seen in cellular hypoxia (low oxygen) is not only the underlying cause of diseases, like cancer, but also results in a predisposition towards degenerative diseases. The lack of oxygen is the outstanding factor in immuno depressive illnesses. Thus, all three researchers conclude, an increased oxygenation of the bloodstream and cells will enhance and may restore overall health.

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My Experience with Oxyrich
 (David Cuthbertson)
●In 1995 I started using stabilised oxygen in veterinary practice and supplying it for human use. I observed many cases following the use of Oxyrich, where disease symptoms either disappeared or were dramatically improved. This does not mean that the same results will be obtained by all who use Oxyrich, but the evidence is sufficient for those who claim to be genuinely interested in the health of our community to examine more closely the benefits of stabilised oxygen.

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Some observations:

1 Applied undiluted directly on wounds and ulcers Oxyrich promoted healing. Even white-tailed spider ulcers have responded when taken internally as well.

2Large doses of Oxyrich (30ml or more daily) cleared up flu symptoms in a few days. Many people who normally suffer severely in the flu season have reported that since taking Oxyrich regularly they have not had the flu.

3 Applied directly to sunburn or heat burns, it has taken away the pain and redness and stimulated healing.

4 Spraining my ankle one afternoon so that in a couple of hours it was very hard and swollen I rubbed Oxyrich into the swelling every 15 minutes for 3 hours. By the next morning the ankle was completely back to normal and I went bushwalking for 5 hours without any problems from the ankle. This amazed me.

5 Applied to any insect bites it effectively stopped the pain and even white-tailed spider bites came to nothing.

6 It has been very effective against asthma, often completely curing the problem.

7 Some cases of “incurable” emphysema have completely returned to normal health.

8 A number of mentally and physically tired old folk have regained their strength of
  body and mind.

9 In my veterinary practice I have had cancerous tumors on a number of dogs decrease in size and even disappear. A number of very old cats and dogs took on a new lease of life when given Oxyrich. General debility and a number of infectious illnesses in animals improved dramatically on Oxyrich alone.

10 Vitamins often did not give the expected results until Oxyrich was taken as well.

11 Many cases of arthritis improved markedly. My severely arthritic shoulder, caused by heavy work in cattle obstetrics, completely recovered after 3 months on stabilised oxygen.

12 Cases of severe, chronic gingivitis (gum infection) completely healed when treated daily with Oxyrich.

13 A chronic long standing root canal abscess healed
when using Oxyrich. 5.

Another example of fighting disease (4min)


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Other Uses of Oxyrich

 1 Oxyrich is an extremely potent and effective broad spectrum bactericide, fungicide, antiviral anti-yeast and antiparasitic solution.

2 In cosmetics and skin care products: Oxyrich is a natural anti-microbial preservative and oxygen enhancement that promotes overall skin health and more healthy skin metabolism.

3 Dental hygiene: Oxyrich is a natural anti-microbial disinfectant and may be used as an oxygen - based additive to dental gels, creams, pastes and mouth rinses. Oxyrich has been demonstrated to improve tooth whiteness, reduce stains and improve the cosmetic appearance of teeth.

4 Enhances performance of athletes and contains no banned substance.

5 Oxyrich may be added to water as a sterilising agent.

6 Dietary Supplement: Oxyrich is a natural, non-toxic oxygen supplement that can provide oxygen to enhance the immune system, improve cellular metabolism and be used in energy production.

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Recommended dosage:
A healthy person would use 15 to 20 drops (1 ml.) undiluted (under the tongue) or in a glass of water three times a day. For acute situations use 5ml 3 times a day

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What is Oxyrich?
●Oxyrich is manufactured by a propriety process that uses de-ionised Grander living water and a very tiny amount of sea salt, which is heated with an electric current in order to create dissolved oxygen, along with other species of oxygen, all of which are bio-degradable.

●Thus it is non chemically formulated with no mixing of potentially toxic chemicals. Oxyrich has one of the highest concentrations of bio available stabilised oxygen available today. It contains over 50,000 parts per million of dissolved oxygen in both its diatomic form (O2) and as ozone (O3)

●Oxyrich is colourless, non-toxic, hypo allergenic, and completely safe to use as directed with no known toxicity for man or animals.
It is low in salt - less than 20ppm.

●Oxyrich is balanced to the pH of the blood stream, which is approx. 7.2 (this is definitely a first for stabilised oxygen products) so it can be used undiluted directly on skin or mucus membranes.

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●No matter what health problem one may have it is always worth to consider increasing the oxygen levels in the body as the beneficial effects of oxygen are so wide ranging.

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About Oxygen Levels
◆Many factors affect the levels of oxygen in the body.

◆Smoking  decreases the amount of oxygen in the blood, so Oxyrich can be of assistance to smokers.

◆High intake of alcohol  depletes the body’s levels of oxygen, and builds up the density between the molecules of blood, causing a deficiency of oxygen being carried to all cells in the body, including the brain. This may lead to hangovers. In supplementing the body’s oxygen, Oxyrich helps put back the oxygen depleted by alcohol.

◆People living in polluted areas  or regularly driving through polluted areas, can be oxygen deficient. Oxyrich assists in restoring blood oxygen levels.

◆Toxic stress  depletes oxygen in the body. Whether derived from water, air o food, we are now subject to many different toxic contaminants, many of which did not exist a decade ago. Oxygen is required for the normal body processes to even attempt to metabolise and eliminate these lethal chemicals.

◆Emotional stress  depletes oxygen in the body. Adrenaline and adrenaline-related hormones are created during emotionally stressful times. Oxygen plays a role in the body’s processes that metabolise those chemicals back out of the body to re-establish metabolic balance. Physical trauma and infections deplete the oxygen in the body. Bacteria and viruses can put tremendous stress on the body’s immune system, which is then robbed of oxygen necessary for the body’s normal metabolic function.

◆Improper diets  deplete the oxygen in the body. Saturated fats can reduce oxygen in the bloodstream. Foods with high fat content and low nutritional values (e.g. junk and highly processed foods) have less than half the oxygen content than do foods containing complex carbohydrates.

◆A sedentary lifestyle  reduces the body’s ability to process out toxic contaminants and to perform normal metabolic functions.

As we grow old  we tend to have poorer diets and everything, including our digestion and metabolism, is less efficient. We’re more prone to a whole range of health issues. Our bodies require all of the nutritional support possible to help fight back. The healthier we are, the more responsive our immune system is, and conversely, the more toxic we are the more open to health challenges we are. Providing our bodies with an abundant source of the vital nutrient oxygen allows the basic building blocks of our health to do their work.

◆People living at higher altitudes need more oxygen.
Oxygen plays a vital roll in cell detoxification. Providing your body with an abundant excellent oxygen supply helps towards allowing unhindered development of the oxidation and oxygenation metabolic processes. Another small but vital step towards allowing your body to be healthy and sound .

◆The level of Oxygen in the blood has a direct link with blood pressure, ie. elevated Oxygen lowers the blood pressure. See test using Oxyrich

◆Oxyrich can top up oxygen levels in the blood. (show me)
Factors that may contribute to lowered oxygen levels in the blood, known as ‘oxygen deficiency’, can include:
Overall body weakness Muscle aches Feeling ‘flat’ and listless Fatigue Impaired cognitive functions

Dr. Donsbach explains how Oxyrich works (6 min)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What is a good maintenance dose for Oxyrich if I am not taking it for any specific health problem?
A:15 to 20 drops twice a day. [20 drops = 1 ml]

Q:How much should I take?
A:The suggested dosage is anywhere between 5 and 15 ml, 1 to 3 times daily. You can start at 10 drops once per day then increase that amount every couple of days until you reach your desired goal.

Q:How do I take Oxyrich?
A:You can mix Oxyrich in water, juice, milk, tea, coffee, etc. as long as it is not too hot. For best results take Oxyrich at least 30 minutes before eating or two hours after eating. Oxyrich can be taken sublingually (under the tongue) at any time. – Put the drops directly in your mouth and hold it there for about 30 seconds, then  swallow.

Q:Can I use Oxyrich on my skin?
A:Yes. Oxyrich can be used on the skin, in the, ears, nose, etc.

Q:How long does it take to notice results?
A:Everyone is different. Some people notice results immediately and others may notice a difference after two weeks.

Q:Are there any side effects when taking Oxyrich?
A:There are no side effects of any consequence. Taking Oxyrich for the first time one may experience headaches
or nausea as the body goes through a detox. This can be overcome by drinking plenty of water and decreasing the dose.

Q:Will Oxyrich interfere with any nutritional supplements or medications?

Q:Can you take Oxyrich and other nutritional supplements or medications at the same time?
A:Yes. It often enhances the action of nutritional supplements.

Q:Can children and animals take Oxyrich?
A:Yes. The dose depends on the size and age of your child or animal. For example, a child eight years of age should take about half the regular dose of an adult.

Q:Can people with high blood pressure use Oxyrich (because of the salt)?
A:Yes. The amount of salt in Oxyrich is a very small amount. 30 drops of Oxyrich contains less than 4 mg of salt which is a very insignificant amount.

Q:Why does Oxyrich have a slight bleach taste?
A:It has a slight chlorine type taste because of the sodium chloride (salt) in the ingredients as well as a small amount of stable ozone.

Q:Is Oxyrich pH balanced (not acid or alkaline)?

Q:Can pregnant women take Oxyrich?

Q:How much oxygen is actually in Oxyrich?

A:It contains approximately 5% dissolved, stabilised di-atomic oxygen. (In actuality, it contains more than that: close to 50,000 ppm total oxygen concentration at the time of processing.)

Q:How much oxygen is in regular water?
A:Water usually contains anywhere between 1 to 10 ppm of dissolved oxygen. Ponds usually contain the lowest amount and streams and rivers usually have the highest amount. Tap water in most large cities is usually around 5-7 ppm of dissolved oxygen.

Q:What is the shelf life of Oxyrich?
A:At least 24 months from the time of manufacture.

Q:How should I store Oxyrich?
A:You can store Oxyrich at room temperature. It does not need to be refrigerated.

Q:How is Oxyrich going to effect me if I have metal fillings or metal dentures?
A:No adverse reactions have been reported.

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Oxyrich in Sports

The first step in understanding how OXYRICH does what it does for the athlete is to appreciate the unique bio-electrical manufacturing process.

◆ Put simply, purified water (cleansed of all organic compounds and impurities) with a little salt added (to facilitate an electrolyte solution) is exposed to a serious electric charge.
This process of electrolysis progressively de-composes” the water by removing hydrogen from the H20 and by uniquely bonding the surplus oxygen molecules together, enabling the solution to remain stable whilst “ concentrating” the oxygen level.

◆This procedure increases the oxygen from that which is found in tap water (about 8 parts per million) and multiplied up to the OXYRICH solution of 50,000 parts per million (5% of total volume). The oxygen is “stabilised” (meaning ‘locked in’ to solution and prevented from becoming a ‘gas’). Samples from the OXYRICH Production Facility have been shown by independent laboratories to remain stable for at least two years in the unopened container and eight months in the opened container.

◆This represents a world first breakthrough not only due to the stable qualities of OXYRICH but due to the pH of 7.9 to 8.2 which makes it safe to drink! Older technologies require a chemical process that results in potentially toxic pH of 2.4 (H2O2) or pH of 12.5 (chemical salts products) which means only a few drops are safe to ingest.

◆Research conducted in Japan, USA, UK and Australia has shown that following the use of OXYRICH and dosages of 6-15ml, marked increases in the partial pressure of arterial oxygen (POZ), of around 5%-8% have been measured.
◆In addition, exercise testing at Victoria University in Australia and the University of Hull uptake at the an-aerobic threshold. This increase of usable oxygen would reduce times by 3 minutes per hour for an elite tri-athlete (cycle leg) and is in the order of 150-200ml
per minute increased oxygen uptake. Given that the OXYRICH dose of 10ml would only account for 1.5ml of O2, the enhanced performance must be due to a secondary mechanism.

◆Exercise physiologists have been aware for a long time that a phenomenon known as “de-saturation” exists among some athletes where the haemoglobin “dumps” oxygen into the muscles, thus increasing the oxygen available to the muscles without increasing cardio-respiratory rates.

◆A similar event may be encouraged by taking OXYRICH prior to the intense exercise event. This could explain the disproportionate OZ metabolism (150-200ml min) from ingesting only 1.5ml from a 10ml dose of OXYRICH.

◆Observers of oxygen therapy, using traditional forms of O2 in solution (hydrogen peroxide) even in very small doses (5 drops) have recorded changes to enzyme 2,3 DPG. In the haemoglobin this can lead to a shift in the ‘HbO2’ dissociation curve to the left and by speeding up the delivery of oxygen to the muscle tissues, improve the efficiency of existing haemoglobin and cardio-respiratory functions.

◆This is being conducted at Victoria and Monash Universities to investigate the possible link between SPORTS OXYSHOT (Oxyrich), Enzyme 2,3 DPG and the enhanced performance reported by elite athletes and observed in the laboratory trials in the UK, USA and Australia.

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The End


Dr. David Cuthbertson Tasmania

Dr. Freda Feng  Sydney- Shanghai

 Glen Gillard Dip. NT (gov.accred), C.E.C.H., Ird., M.C.M.A  Qld

et al

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Oxyrich is:

  • Non-toxic
  • Drug free
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • pH balanced

Oxygen may be depleted in the body through such factors as:

  • Smoking
  • Air travel
  • Ageing
  • Emotional stress
  • Physical over-exertion
  • Living in a polluted atmosphere
  • Inconsistent diet and poor food choices

The symptoms of oxygen deficiency can include:

  • Overall body weakness
  • Muscle aches
  • Feeling ‘flat’ and listless
  • Fatigue
  • Impaired cognitive functions

OxyRich works to:

  1. Help alleviate fatigue
  2. Maximise natural mental clarity
  3. Top up energy levels and;
  4. Plays a role in evading other deficiencies

Who may find benefit from taking OxyRich? Just about everyone! Especially:

  1. Smokers
  2. Air travelers
  3. Short distance and long haul drivers
  4. People who have high stress lives and jobs
  5. Active people of all ages
  6. People who live, work or play in unhealthy environments
  7. It’s also a great boost after a night on the grog!

Oxyrich is manufactured using proprietary technology without the use of chemicals, it does not contain any banned substances. At manufacture Oxyrich contains no less than 5% v/v of pure di-atomic oxygen in a base of De-Ionised Grander Living Water and unrefined Atlantic Sea Salt. Oxyrich is pH balanced, therefore safe to use undiluted directly on skin or mucous membranes.

Dosage: A Healthy person would use 25 drops, up to 3 ml. undiluted or in glass of water three times a day. For acute situations use 5ml 3 times a day.

Chemical Description: De-Ionised Water, sodium chloride (unrefined Atlantic Sea Salt) and stabilised diatomic oxygen molecules (O2)

Appearance (liquid): Liquid, non-viscous

Colour (Gardner): no colour, clear

Odor: mild chloride smell

Density (g/cm3): 1.08

Specific Gravity: 1.08

pH: (d25’ C): 7.6-8.2

Flash Point (C): N/A

Solubility: water, alcohol, and all non- petroleum solvents.

Acute Oral Toxicology: None

Dermal Toxicity: None

Inhalation Toxicity: None

Eye Irritation: Full strength, none. No eye injury.

Efficacy Tests conducted

  • Aspergillus flavius ATCC 9643
  • Aspergillus niger ATCC 16404
  • Escherichia coli ATCC 8739
  • Escherichia coli O157:H7 ATCC 43985
  • Candida albicans ATCC 10231
  • Pseudomonas aerguinosa ATCC 15442
  • Pseudomonas aerguinosa ATCC 9027
  • Salmonella choleraesuis ATCC 10708
  • Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 6538

Independent Analysis: SGS U.S. Testing Company, Inc., Fairfield, NJ Nelson Laboratories, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT

OxyrichTM is a broad spectrum antimicrobial solution created from water and sodium chloride (Atlantic Sea Salt) in a proprietary manufacturing process

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oxygen Supplements






























Oxyrich TM

Blood Pressure Study

oxygen supplements

In a controlled lab study completed in April of 1998, The American equivalent of Oxyrich, the AO2C product was tested to determine if oral consumption of the AO2C would have any effect on the systolic and diastolic blood pressure as well as capillary dilation of the test subjects.

It was determined that: " Of the 6 test subjects given the AO2C, all exhibited some degree of capillary dilation… (and) all exhibited a reduction in the systolic and diastolic blood pressure ranging from 2 to 8 points systolic and from 6 to 14 points diastolic."

The conclusion of the study: " The combination of component ingredients in AO2C  has a positive affect, in varying degrees, on capillary dilation… (and) a significant affect on the reduction of systolic and diastolic blood pressures. It is the researchers opinion that AO2C results in greater metabolic efficiency which may correlate to significant energy reductions thus prolonging and enhancing the quality of an individual’s life.

acknowledgement: This Study was sponsored by Bio2 International















Reach for Life Pty. Ltd.