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Oxyrich  Activated Di Atomic Oxygen

Chemical Description: De-Ionised Water, sodium chloride (unrefined Atlantic Sea Salt) and stabilised diatomic oxygen molecules (O2)

Appearance (liquid): Liquid, non-viscous

Colour (Gardner): no colour, clear

Odor: mild chloride smell

Density (g/cm3): 1.08

Specific Gravity: 1.08

pH: (d25’ C): 7.6-8.2

Flash Point (C): N/A

Solubility: water, alcohol, and all non- petroleum solvents.

Acute Oral Toxicology: None

Dermal Toxicity: None

Inhalation Toxicity: None

Eye Irritation: Full strength, none. No eye injury.

Efficacy Tests conducted

Aspergillus flavius ATCC 9643

Aspergillus niger ATCC 16404

Escherichia coli ATCC 8739

Escherichia coli O157:H7 ATCC 43985

Candida albicans ATCC 10231

Pseudomonas aerguinosa ATCC 15442

Pseudomonas aerguinosa ATCC 9027

Salmonella choleraesuis ATCC 10708

Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 6538

Independent Analysis: SGS U.S. Testing Company, Inc., Fairfield, NJ Nelson Laboratories, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT

OxyrichTM is a broad spectrum antimicrobial solution created from water and sodium chloride (Atlantic Sea Salt) in a proprietary manufacturing process

Activated Stabilised OxyrichTM is an extremely potent and effective broad spectrum bactericide, fungicide, antiviral anti-yeast and anti-parasitic solution. OxyrichTM has been shown to increase blood oxygen saturation levels in human subjects when taken sublingually or consumed orally. Initial studies also indicate that when taken, OxyrichTM may also lower blood pressure. OxyrichTM is environmentally safe with no known toxicity to man or animals.

Studies indicate that the antimicrobial activity of OxyrichTM is in the cytoplasmic membrane. The oxidizing potential ( O2 oxygen molecules ) of OxyrichTM appears to prevent the uptake of amino acids while disorganising the cytoplasmic membranes causing leakage of low molecular weight cellular contents and rendering the microbes harmless.

OxyrichTM is considered biodegradable according to the " Standard Test Method for Determining the Anaerobic Biodegration Potential of Organic Chemicals ", ASRM Standards Section 11, Water and Environmental Technology, Procedure E 1196-2.pp. 879-901, 1993

Cosmetics and Skin Care Products: OxyrichTM is a natural anti-microbial preservative and oxygen enhancement that promotes overall skin health and more healthy skin metabolism.

Dental Hygiene: OxyrichTM is a natural anti-microbial disinfectant and may be used as an oxygen – based additive to dental gels, creams, pastes and mouth rinses. OxyrichTM has been demonstrated to improve tooth whiteness, reduce stains and improve the cosmetic appearance of teeth.

Dietary Supplement: OxyrichTM is a natural, non -toxic oxygen supplement that can provide diatomic oxygen to enhance the immune system, improve cellular metabolism and be used in energy production. OxyrichTM may also be added as a supplement to bottled or packaged water.*

*Where approved for such uses by the relevant regulatory authorities.

The data, references and information above are based on experiments and information believed to be accurate and reliable. However no warranty is made or implied regarding the accuracy of the results to be obtained from the use of such information . Reach For Life will not assume responsibility for the results or performance in products and applications over which Reach For Life has no control.

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