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The Suntory Study: The Affect of Stabilized Oxygen on the Partial Pressure of Oxygen in Arterial Blood


Note: AO2CT is the American equivalent of Oxyrich

Suntory International performed an independent study on stabilized oxygen (AO2CT formula) to determine whether the partial pressure of oxygen in arterial blood (PaO2) in the forearm after rest would change following the oral consumption of AO2CT stabilized oxygen formulation. Three healthy males were tested before and after consuming the solution over a period of 240 minutes. The dosage was 6 ml of di-atomic oxygen per person. Suntory's conclusion:

"Each subject's partial pressure of oxygen was relatively stable prior to consumption, but then rose immediately after consumption. The partial pressure of oxygen peaked 90 to 120 minutes after consumption, after which it gradually dropped, eventually reaching its pre-consumption level. In a subject with a particularly low baseline, a significant increase was observed."

SOURCE: Suntory International of Japan: May 2, 1996

This information is highly technical and is intended for use only by qualified members of the scientific community. Lay persons are cautioned against drawing any conclusions without the benefit of scientific background.

acknowledgement: This Study was sponsored by Bio2 International

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