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Vitamin "O" - Stabilized Oxygen

"Get healthy for the best of your life."

Since the early history of the earth, it appears there has been a 50% drop in the average oxygen content of the air we breathe! This discovery was particularly startling to researchers because it suggests the human body was originally designed to grow and operate at a stronger concentration of oxygen than what is currently available. It is well known the average oxygen content of air is only 19% to 21%, and in larger cities where there is more pollution, the oxygen levels are less.

Stabilized oxygen is a new generation of super oxygenation technology developed by William F. Koch, M.D., Ph.D., which was later utilized by NASA for the space research program for astronauts.

O2xygen supplements usually are a safe, non-toxic, pH balanced supplement containing stabilized oxygen molecules in a liquid solution of sodium chloride -- otherwise known as salt. The haemoglobin carries this oxygen straight to your body's cells and tissues, highly saturating them with oxygen in the process. This gives your body's cells and tissues the extra oxygen they need. This allows your body to oxidize and metabolize a far greater proportion of your nutrient intake, purifying your bloodstream, eliminating any accumulated toxins and poisons.

Researchers see a direct correlation between decreases n oxygen levels and seemingly concurrent increases in human illness and disease. Dr. Otto Warburg, who was awarded the Nobel prize for his research into the cause of cancer, was convinced that cancer cells can only begin to proliferate in the human body when the cells become oxygen deficient.

Symptoms of oxygen deficiency can be overall bodily weakness, muscle aches, depression, dizziness, irritability, fatigue, memory loss, irrational behavior, circulation problems, poor digestion, acid stomach, low immunity to colds, flu and infection, bronchial problems, tumors and deposit build-ups, bacterial, viral and parasitic infections.

How to benefit from  Diatomic O2xygen "Vitamin O"

When taken orally as a daily supplement, 15-40 drops in a glass of pure water, 2-3 times a day, oxygen can be immediately absorbed into the bloodstream. It also may be taken sublingually (under the tongue) for even better absorption. Some brands of oxygen are also available in a spray bottle for easy application to the skin.

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